Saturday, January 21, 2017

Snow Morning

...didn't last long (that's why this blog entry is called "Snow Morning" and not "Snow Day").
But here is what it looked like:

First view (through the kitchen window).
No matter the weather, you gotta feed the ducks.
The ducks were a bit disturbed by the snow. When Melina opened their door, they ran out, looked at the snow, and ran back inside. But, hunger got the best of their worries and they came back out. A few courageously sampled this mysterious white substance. Sometimes the snow would stick and they would have silly-looking snow mustaches at the tip of their bills.
Time for mutual snaps...
 This was our live Christmas tree a couple years ago. Wouldn't it look perfect now to add a few ornaments?
The silent bell at the gate.

 The soggy meadow is snow-resistant - still a pretty view. I like the conceptual disconnect between the lush green grass and the white snow
Odd, naturally-formed snow balls discovered in the runoff at the edge of the road.
 Our place in the snow.

 Zane loves snow and smelling all the newly chilled scents.

The woman who inspires and shares this all.

Even melting snow creates patterns.
The 32s first snow (maybe, I only know it spent the last few years in SoCal.)
 Shameless plug...

Carb-loading the ducks with some organic, whole grain rice. It's like candy to them!
Zane likes rice, too - at least when the ducks are getting it. But, he has to stand aside and look on with envy.